Geovid 8x42 HD R, M


The classic ballistics program rangefinder binoculars - Geovid HD-R

With the Geovid HD-R, we have perfected the pioneer of laser distance measurement optically, electronically and mechanically. Scan mode provides a measurement every two seconds - a big advantage with moving objects.

Do you like to hunt in the mountains or in difficult terrain? Then you can rely on the new Geovid HD-R 42 binoculars. They have been improved to be able to deal precisely with the Equivalent Horizontal Range (EHR) and to combine the time-tested features with an innovative ballistics. Especially with angled shots, you can take advantage of a precisely calculated ballistically accurate distance, meaning they provide much more safety due to accurate shooting - uphill and downhill.

Their compact and ergonomic design makes the Geovid HD-R externally similar to conventional binoculars. The difference is in the detail: Fluoride lens elements ensure maximum colour fidelity and optimum contrast. So Geovid HD binoculars offer brilliant, crisp images, even under difficult lighting conditions.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • range of 1,300m
  • ballistics program (Equivalent Horizontal Range)
  • ergonomic design
  • best colour fidelity and optimum contrast
  • AquaDura® coating repels water and dirt
  • nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging
  • guaranteed operational down to -25°C
  • waterproof down to 5m

Leica Geovid HD R 42er binoculars are the most compact and lightest premium binoculars with a built-in laser rangefinder. In addition to an increased measurement distance, they feature an ergonomic form, quality workmanship and a robust design.

  • magnification 8X or 10X
  • compact, lightweight and handy
  • precise measurement at medium and long distances
  • observe and measure at dusk

The scope of delivery often does not includes batteries or, if included, only low-quality batteries. These cannot be replaced under warranty. To avoid being disappointed the very first time you use the equipment, we recommend you order suitable batteries at the same time you order the equipment. Especially for equipment that is used outdoors, we recommend the use of high quality brand-name batteries. Lithium batteries are to be preferred, as these lose hardly any of their charge during prolonged storage and also do not lose performance in cold temperatures.

  • Prekės kodas: 40052
  • Gamintojas: Leica
  • Didinimas: 8x
  • Tipas: Žiūronai su tolimačiu
  • Spalva: Juoda
  • Matomas regėjimo laukas (laipsniai): 71
  • Regėjimo laukas (m/1000): 125
  • Matavimo atstumas: 1270m
  • Minimalus fokusavimo atstumas (m): 5,6
  • Matomumo naktį koeficientas: 18,3
  • Išvesties okuliaro skersmuo (mm): 5,25
  • Svoris (kg): 0.95
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Geovid 8x42 HD R, M

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